The hardest PowerPoint presentation


There’s been a bit of a hiatus in my article posting and you’ll see why in this my first post for over 2 months. I didn’t know whether or not to post this article but, after some thought, I decided to do so.

In March I lost my Dad and, of course, it was a sad and tough time. When my sisters and I were organising the funeral, the funeral directors said that we could supply pictures of Dad and the people at the cemetery would show them on screen with our choice of music playing.

I thought I’d send them the pictures and let them go ahead and do it but when I got the images together and downloaded the music, I started playing about with them in PowerPoint. I got carried away of course, and eventually I had all of the pictures in the presentation. Then I started moving pictures about to fit with the music. And then I played about with transition times to ensure that the selection of pictures fitted perfectly with the duration of the music.

Before I knew it, I’d produced Dad’s presentation exactly how I wanted it. I ran it past my sisters and they were very happy with it too. So I ended up taking it up to the cemetery on a memory stick to check it was OK with them. They were more than happy to use it as it saved them having to put it together themselves!

And on the day of the funeral, it worked perfectly.

In some ways it was a hard thing to do. Dad hadn’t picked any music for his funeral, and the music we’d selected was perfect for us but hard to listen to several times whilst producing the presentation. But it another way it was cathartic; seeing all those pictures of Dad, many as a young man, helped to obscure the memory of him lying in hospital in his final days.

The presentation is below if you’d like to take a look at it.