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Trained in photography and audio-visual production, David Henson set up The Regent Slide Company in 1986 and spent years producing thousands of 35mm slides for many and varied businesses. But it was spending time sitting in audiences listening to professional speakers that brought home the realisation that even good speakers produce bad slides. And now he’s on a crusade to eradicate excruciatingly boring visual communications and to teach people how to produce slides and presentations that wow their audiences and that make their talks memorable and effective.

He does this in a number of ways:

Clients include The World Health Organisation, UK Power Networks, The London Borough of Bromley and over 70 professional speakers.


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Testimonials - What my clients say about me on my testimonials page: www.presentwithvision.uk/testimonials

My blog: www.presentwithvision.uk/blog

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Tel: 01689 822500

Mobile: 07931 234 787

Website: https://www.presentwithvision.uk/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidhensonpresents/