Your Slides Suck!

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My book will teach you how to turn your slide presentations from boring and ineffective to slide shows that will engage and empower your audience and achieve the aims that you want from your presentation.

Over eleven chapters it covers...

  • How to determine if you need to use slides
  • Setting up a simple template
  • Essential design elements
  • How to use text effectively
  • The use of images in your slides
  • Presenting data
  • Using video
  • A case study - from bad to outstanding
  • The use of animations and transitions
  • Preparation
  • At the venue

It will equip you with the confidence and ability to deliver an effective presentation that will wow your audience.

Your Slides Suck!

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What people say...

Mark Williams, CEO, Global Lingo

Dave has been my go-to person for presentation design and support for over twenty years and it is great to see him share his experience in ‘Your Slides Suck’. This book preaches what he practices and if you put these nuggets into practice too, it will take your presentations to the next level.

Mark Williams
CEO, Global Lingo Ltd

Phillip Khan-Panni

Dave Henson is on a mission to rid the world of boring slides. That's why this is the only book on presentation slides you'll need. He not only tells you what to avoid, he shows you how to get it right. And why. He clearly understands how visual aids support the process of persuasion. And his slides are innovative, powerful and never boring.

Phillip Khan-Panni FPSA
CEO, Speaking & Presentation Skills

Just £18.49 including postage and packing.

Take a look inside...

Below are a few pages from the book to whet your appetite.

The book contains many examples of good slides and explains what makes them effective. There's a total of 79 slides in the book. There are also links to over 30 videos and downloads on the slidebook.tv website.

There are also 34 other images in the book which help to explain the process of producing top-quality slides. This one is in the section talking about colour palettes.

How to effectively present data is covered in depth in the book. The above example shows a creative example as well as the link to the video online explaining how the chart is produced.

48 pop-out nuggets highlight all the important points you should take into account when producing the slides for your presentation. 200 pages packed with useful knowledge, techniques and secrets to make you a much better presenter.

Just £18.49 including postage and packing.